Creating a Text Ad item

AdButler's text ads follow normal text ad conventions, with a header, a description, and an optional display URL. They are served to Text Ad zones.

Text ad items can only be served to a text zone. If you need to display a text ad within a standard zone, you can create one using a Custom HTML/3rd Party Tag ad item and building one with HTML and inline CSS. Read more about Custom HTML/3rd Party Tags ...

Creating a text ad item

  1. Open up the campaign or zone where you want to add a custom HTML ad item.
  2. Name the ad item by filling in the field. The name is only used for statistical purposes and isn't displayed with the ad item.
  3. Set the Title for the ad item. The title is displayed at the top of the ad item and is where users will click to be redirected.
  4. Enter the Destination URL for the ad when a user clicks on the ad.
  5. Add the main text messaging to the Text content field.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save any changes you made.
  7. If adding the ad item directly to a zone, you'll also need to complete the ad item assignment settings, if you are creating an advertiser text campaign you will need to assign the campaign to a text zone.

Optional fields during ad item creation

Display URL The URL displayed at the bottom of the text ad item. The URL is only for display purposes and does not click.
Target Window How the ad item will direct the user if it's clicked. Recommended to leave on New.
Title alignment How the Title text is aligned in the ad item.
Text alignment How the Text is aligned in the ad item.
Display URL alignment How the Display URL text is aligned in the ad item.

Things to know

  • Text ad items have a set appearance that only allows a small amount of customization. If you're looking for more customization, try checking out the custom HTML ad format.

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