Creating a Flash Ad item

Learn how to setup a Flash ad for serving with AdButler.

Creating a flash ad item

  1. In the Advertiser Campaign or Zone of your choosing, click on "Add New..." under ad items.
  2. Select "Flash" from the Ad Item Type list.
  3. Specify a name that will be used to identify the ad in the AdButler interface.
  4. If you're using our click tracking macros and your ad doesn't have a destination, enter one into the Destination URL field.
  5. Enter the URL location of the creative, or click the "Library" checkbox to upload and serve through AdButler's CDN.
  6. If you want to change the delivery, click Advanced Options to expose the additional settings. Here, you change the embed parameters: the version of flash to request, the default quality of the flash ad item, and the window mode for the flash creative.
  7. If your advertiser has provided one, paste the tracking pixel into the Tracking pixel field.
  8. Configure the other settings and save.
  9. Assign the campaign to an applicable Publisher's zone (if you created the ad item in a campaign and not a zone).
  10. On the Zone page, click "Get Zone Tags." Now where ever the zone tags are placed this ad item will serve.
As of 2015, modern browsers have initiated a program to cease support for Flash ad items and AdButler will also cease support in the future as well. While we still allow you to serve Flash-based ads, they may not serve properly or may be blocked depending on the browser.

Flash Ad Items

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