Creating a channel

This is a simple walkthrough that will show you how channels are created. We will create a channel, add zones from multiple publishers, and assign an advertiser campaign to the channel.

Step 1: Create your Channel

Select "Channels" on the left hand side in your AdButler dashboard. To create a new channel we need to click on the "Add New" button. A window will popup that allows us to name our channel and assign it a priority. We'll name our channel "Example Channel".

Setting the priority will adjust how heavily the assignments that are served through this channel are weighed against the other zones assigned to each channel. Depending on the role you want this channel to play (e.g. run-of-site channel vs. preferred section targeting) you may want to raise or lower the priority level.

Step 2: Add zones

The next step is to add zones to our channel. This will include all the publisher zones that we want to serve campaigns to.

Select your channel, and click on the "Add New" button under zones.

On the next page, we're asked to choose a publisher, and then choose the zones within that publisher we want in our channel. You can select multiple zones at one time. Click save when you have selected the zones you want to include.

For each publisher you add to this channel, you will need to repeat this process.

The zones you add don't have to be from the same publisher, and they don't have to have the same dimensions. Campaigns that are assigned to this channel will only serve to the zones that have the same size; if there is no match, it will not serve.

Step 3: Assign a campaign to the channel

Now that we've added our zones to the channel, we need to assign a campaign. Navigate to the advertisers section in the left-hand toolbar, choose an advertiser with a campaign that you want to assign. When you open the campaign, you will see a table called "Channels" at the bottom of the page.

Click "Assign to Channel". This will show you a list of all available channels to assign the campaign to. Click on the radio button beside the channel "Example Channel" and then click "Select" to confirm your choice.

We can now set up our campaign assignment in the same way as assigning this campaign to a zone. The settings we define here will be applied to all the zones in the channel that we are serving to.

It is possible to assign a campaign to a channel more than once using different assignment configurations, but the statistics from each assignment will be combined.

You can assign as many campaigns as you want to a channel. If you add a new publisher, all your existing assignments will be applied without having to update any settings.

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