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Frequently Asked Questions

A 'noclick' is a file downloaded when a clicked link doesn't go anywhere. It's usually a sign that something is not configured properly. Common 'noclick' causes include: no destination is set for the banner, an HTML5 Rich Media Banner isn't using our [CLICK_TRACKING] macro, the zone tag isn't being served securely, or your email banner isn't using a proper UID.
An ad request is recorded every time a page or app makes a request for an ad from one of AdButler's servers. An impression is the result of AdButler returning an ad to that zone after it receives a request. The accuracy of logging impressions can be affected when serving 3rd party tags through AdButler. If AdButler has no way of confirming whether an ad was successfully delivered, an impression is still recorded.
Yes, AdButler can serve all types of 3rd party ad tag. You will need to confirm with your 3rd party supplier how to properly insert our tracking macros in order to accurately record statistics.
You can make changes to your current subscription from your Profile & Billing page in the AdButler interface. You can access this by clicking on your username in the top left above the primary navigation menu and selecting it from the dropdown, which will show you all the details related to your current subscription.

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