How to enable white labeling

White Labeling is the ability to customize AdButler's dashboard to bring it in line with your own branding. Whether you just want different colours, or to use your own logo, it's all done in the same place.

How to update your white label settings

Only administrators can make changes to the white label settings.
  1. Click Settings at the bottom of the left navigation menu. The Settings page will appear.
  2. Click Branding & Theme. The Branding & Theme subsection will appear.
  3. Click Enable branding options. The rest of the options will become editable.

Customizing the AdButler Dashboard's branding and theme

  1. Change the options as desired. See the table below for more information.
  2. Click Update Branding at the bottom to save your changes.

White label options

Authentication title The heading displayed on the login page for your AdButler account. All users will see this.
Account logo Allows you to set a file to replace the logo at the top of your AdButler dashboard.
Authentication logo A file that replaces the AdButler logo on the login page for your AdButler account. All users see it.
Browser Favicon The file that will be used as the favourite icon (favicon) for your AdButler dashboard. Usually appears in a browser on the tab.
Avatar Image Allows you to specify a custom image to replace the colored square that appears beside the user's name.
Sparklit Support Messaging Removes all mentions of AdButler's support from the dashboard.
Quick presets Preset color schemes that change the background, foreground, and icon colors.
Scheme primary Changes the header bar at the top and the default avatar image.
Scheme secondary Changes the accent color of highlighted buttons and the default Account logo. We recommend that you keep this in its default white color.
Advertiser welcome A welcome message displayed to advertisers on their login screen.
Publisher welcome A welcome message displayed to publishers on their login screen.

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