How to generate secure zone tags

Secure websites encrypt all the data they transmit. If you want to serve ads on a secure website, you will need to supply your publisher or web developer with the secure version of AdButler's zone tags. If you're using resources that aren't hosted with AdButler (such as images hosted elsewhere or third party ad tags), those resources must be hosted securely as well.

Not using secure zone tags or resources on a secure website often leads to ads not being displayed. Because most websites are secure, we recommend that you use secure zone tags and resources by default.

How secure websites work

As previously mentioned, secure websites encrypt the data that they transmit. Encrypting data stops other programs or devices from viewing and copying that data. Most websites already implement one or more forms of secure technology, standards and practices, such as SSL, HTTPS, and security certificates.

For our purposes, what's important to remember is that everything on a secure website needs to be secure, including the ads.

Generating secure zone tags

  1. Go to the section of the relevant zone (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher > Your Zone).
  2. Click Get Zone Tags/JSON Ad API on the right menu. The Zone Tags window will appear.

The Get Zone Tags button in AdButler

  1. Under Protocol, make sure that HTTPS (Secure - Recommended) box is selected.

The Zone Tags window in AdButler

  1. Copy the zone tag and send it to your publisher.

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