Batched ad requests

A batch request lets you request ads for all zones on your page at once. Its main benefit is that it can significantly reduce the number of ad requests that you make to AdButler. However, you have to pass the same targeting criteria to all the zones in the request. That means if you want to pass different keywords or data keys to different zones on the page, you should not make a batch request.



Parameter Description Example
ID Your AdButler account ID. 12345
zoneIDs The Zone IDs of the zones included in the request. [ 4321, 9876]
ads "one" to get one ad per zone, "all" to get all ads for the zone. "one" is the default. "one"
limit If ads is set to "all", this will limit the total number of ads returned for the zone. {"4321": 2 }
campaignAdLimit Limits the number of ads per campaign to return for the zone in which the campaigns are assigned. {"4321": 1}
kw A list of target keywords. ["green","red"]
referrer The URL of the page where the ad will display. Mainly used in server-side calls. ""
ip The IP address of the user viewing the page. Mainly used in server-side calls. ""
ua The user's User Agent string (URL encoded). Mainly used in server-side calls. Roku4640X%2FDVP-7.70%20(297.70E04154A)
sw The user's device's screen width. Used for platform targeting. 1920
sh The user's device's screen height. Used for platform targeting. 1080
spr The user's device's screen pixel ratio. Used for platform targeting. 3
clickmode Either "callback" or "redirect". Determines the type of click link in response. "callback"
_abdk_json A list of Data Keys to target. {"age": "18", "bird": "quail"}

Example Body

    "ID" : "167283",
    "zoneIDs": [
    "ads" : "all",
    "limit" : {
        "212491" : 2
    "kw" : [
    "clickmode" : "callback",
    "_abdk_json" : {
        "age" : "18"
    "referrer" : "",
    "sw" : 1920,
    "sh" : 1080,
    "spr" : 3

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