All-New AdButler Updates For April 🌱🌧️

The business world seems like it’s springing forward faster than ever before.

With all of the recent advances to tech, keeping up can feel a bit exhausting.

Still, for all the change happening in the world, some things are still just the same.

"Look around. Look at what we have.
Beauty is everywhere - you only have to look to see it."
- Bob Ross

Spring is coming into bloom once again across many parts of the world, and we’re excited to share another AdButler product update with you to mark the occasion.

In a promising report, a case study involving Gumtree has seen the use of first-party data in ad targeting provide a 36% increase in CTR and a 14% lift in CPM.

Not too shabby!

In keeping with the popular (and profitable) trend of using first-party data to enhance ad performance, we’re pleased to announce the new User Database feature.

UserDB is an audience-based targeting solution that will allow you to upload sets of user attributes to the platform and assign them to a publisher on the system.

Look forward to activating UserDB from your AdButler dashboard this spring!

In other news, the results of a whitepaper detailing the impact of Google’s Privacy Sandbox on ad performance is included in a recent summary by Digiday.

Despite benign initial results being showcased, the ad tech world remains primarily skeptical about Google - both in their ability to act in the interest of parties besides themselves, and to adhere to phasing out cookies by the end of 2024.

Further reading on Google’s Privacy Sandbox:

There are plenty of updates to the AdButler platform to review this season.

Without further delay, let’s pour it on! 🌧️

Feature Updates:

🌱 Here are the top fresh feature updates that are budding on the platform:

  • UserDB:
    • New Audience based targeting solution now available
  • Contract Management:
    • Overhaul to the overall feature
    • DocuSign integration completed
  • Data Key Management:
    • Support for negative string operators added
    • Templates now supported
  • Event Logs:
    • Support added for VAST custom fields
  • Self-Serve:
    • Support added for optional variables for native banners
    • Added account creation to the login page
  • Real-Time Forecasting:
    • Now available on the platform
  • Click Fraud Prevention:
    • Zone-level toggle added to limit clicks from the same IP
  • UI Updates:
    • Global search + ad item preview
    • Improvements to platform targets page
    • User accounts search field added
    • Overhaul of the native ad templates page
    • Unified "Save Data Key Rules" button
    • "Assign Roles" selector added (scroll and sorted alphabetically)
    • Media library search option added

Want to learn more about these features? Contact our support team.

Custom Solutions:

🌱 Companies are keeping it creative and colorful with these custom solution ideas:

  • General:
    • Support for allowing multiple tracking pixels
    • Added "created by" field for ad items and campaign assignment
    • Added the ability to record historical financial evolutions
  • Self-Serve:
    • Timestamps added to campaigns
    • Endpoint added for custom stats
    • Added sales KPI to dashboard

Would these features or similar ones help you to lift your revenue? Contact us and let's talk!

Bug Fixes:

🌱 We’ve been managing the pests spring brings with these top bug fixes:

  • Expandable ads feature not working correctly
  • "Created by" field inconsistency
  • Missing zip codes for zip code targeting
  • Incorrect "lat/long" values when sending OpenRTB requests
  • Special characters displaying incorrectly
  • Admin dashboard showing no stats for Brazilian timezone

Content Spotlight:

Self-serve isn't just a buzzword 🐝 anymore.

AdButler users experienced and new have been actively adopting this feature to enhance their ad selling.

Learn all about how it works and the advantages it offers in this article:

The Benefits of Self-Serve Advertising Platforms

Help & How-To Resources:

🌱 Refresh your platform usage with the latest updated help resources:

That’s all of the new updates that have sprouted up on the platform this time around.

As always, there are more updates planted in the pipeline for later this year. 🌱

Until then, have an energizing spring, and we’ll see you next update! 👋

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