Simple Pricing and No Hidden Fees
We love simple pricing. Our pricing model is easy to understand, posted to our website and predictable each month, there are no surprises, no contracts, and no complicated list of features that cost extra. For 14 years we've added features every month since our product was released – each month you just get more value.
Select your plan and sign up in minutes
All plans include access to our amazing support team, 99.999% uptime, blazingly fast ad serving and a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.
Usage Monthly Fee Extra*
On-Demand $9.95 + $0.25 CPM  (based on usage)
100,000 $16 $0.150 CPM
250,000 $29 $0.135 CPM
500,000 $46 $0.120 CPM
1,000,000 $76 $0.105 CPM
2,500,000 $159 $0.105 CPM
5,000,000 $230 $0.090 CPM
10,000,000 $341 $0.050 CPM
20,000,000 $631 $0.020 CPM
50,000,000 $996 $0.015 CPM
100,000,000 $1,491 $0.014 CPM
250,000,000 $2,056 $0.010 CPM
500,000,000+ Please contact us
Not sure? You can change plans at anytime with no hassle.
*Extra impressions will result in an additional charge if over reserved usage.
Media Hosting

All accounts include access to AdButler's content delivery network for super fast ad delivery.

First 0GB - 500GB Next 501GB - 2TB Everything over 2TB+
$0.15/GB $0.11/GB $0.07/GB
Easy to use, super fast ad delivery hosted by AdButler.
* Note 1 gigabyte (GB) of bandwidth is about 33,000 impressions (with a 30KB banner size).
You can change your plans or cancel at any time.
Cancellations made within the first 30 days will receive an immediate refund.
Any questions?
Have another question?
Give us a call and one of our account managers will be happy to help.
What can AdButler do for me?
AdButler will simplify your website advertising. Organize your ads by advertiser, campaign and zone, and configure both when your ads are displayed and how often. AdButler handles ad delivery, statistical tracking, supports geo-targeting and much more.
Who should use AdButler?
AdButler is trusted by small websites and the worlds largest brands everyday. AdButler helps online publishers, advertisers, bloggers and website owners increase revenues by targeting and managing advertisements across different networks and zones.
Does AdButler have text ad support?
Yes, you can create and rotate text ads in zones on your website as easily as you would with banner advertisements.
Does AdButler offer full rich media acceptance and support?
Yes! AdButler serves it all including HTML5, HTML/CSS/JS, Flash, Images, Email ads, Mobile ads, Video ads etc.
What advertising formats does AdButler support?
AdButler can serve all standard IAB images sizes, Flash, CSS, Interstitials, pop ups, complicated scripts, text ads, videos etc. If you can do it on the web we can serve it.
Can I give AdButler a try?
You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee. Try AdButler for 30 days and If you don’t find AdButler fits your needs for any reason just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked.
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