AdButler is your best OpenX alternative.

OpenX Ad Server is shutting down in March 2019, and thousands of publishers are looking for an easy replacement.

Everything you need in an ad server, plus incredible support.

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Never worry about downtime

When switching ad servers, reliability is very important. Our servers are hosted in global cloud which allows to us have a 99.999% uptime.

A platform that is built to scale

Whether you are a small publisher or a large Media company serving billions of impressions, AdButler is built to handle even the most demanding setups.

Start monetizing with video ads

Capture more revenue with technologies like video header bidding, VAST & VPAID, in-stream and out-stream video ads on desktop or mobile.

Unified auctions bring more revenue

AdButler allows publisher to boost their revenue by optimizing auctions across programmatic, server‑to‑server and direct sales in the same bid.

Take advantage of native advertising

Advertisers have spent twice as much money on Native ads this year compared to 2016. Lift your revenue by creating your custom ad formats.

We care about transparency

Transparency is a priority for us at AdButler. That is why we give our publishers full control over their ad serving data.

Why go with AdButler?

easy to transition

We'll help you switch in less than an hour

Afraid that switching ad servers will require a lot of time? Our AdTech specialists will help you get started with AdButler in less than an hour.

We also offer 30 days of free on‑boarding to all of our new customers.

Industry knowledge

We’ve been helping publishers succeed for 18 years

For nearly two decades, we've helped build custom ad networks around the world. We've also worked with publishers of all sizes.

We know what we’re doing, and we’re here to help you do it too.

flexible platform

Customize your unique setup using our powerful API

Take advantage of AdButler’s API to effortlessly build your own custom ad serving tools, client portals, interfaces and more.

Check out our API documentation
What our customers say:

“Rob and his team go above and beyond answering questions and solving for issues before launching a campaign.

That's what separates simple support from excellent support.“

Arkady Fridman

Motus Media

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