AdButler Agreements & Policies

AdButler is a SparkLIT Networks Inc product and follows all it's agreements and policies.

General Terms of Service

This agreement governs usage of any AdButler services and AdButler's Website.

Website Terms of Service

Terms and conditions that govern your use of this website and any services that are offered through AdButler's website.

Membership Agreement

This Agreement governs your purchase and use of AdButler's online tools and services, whether fee-based or free of charge, offered on AdButler's website

This agreement also includes AdButler's Cancellation, Refund, and Payment Policies

Security Statement

The security of your data is very important to us at AdButler. We anticipate the needs and demands of our clients by providing a safe and reliable platform for the collection of all application data data.

Privacy Statement

We at AdButler value the relationship we have with our customers and web site visitors, and are committed to responsible information handling practices. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and want you to feel comfortable whenever you visit our web sites, and use our online services. Although our web sites have unique services and offerings, they share a similar privacy philosophy. Therefore, we drafted this corporate online privacy policy to represent AdButler's general privacy approach to the information practices of our web sites

Affiliate Agreement

This Agreement governs your participation in the AdButler Affiliate Program. This document applies only if you have registered as a AdButler Affiliate to earn commissions on advertising and referrals.

Email Policy

We take spam and unsolicited junk mail very seriously. This documents AdButler's policy on the use of our products/servers to send bulk mail, as well as our policies regarding the privacy and security of mailing lists stored on our servers.

Terms of Service Violations & Legal Issues

This document contains instructions for reporting a violation of AdButler's terms of service, or a legal issue that requires attention.

AdButler GDPR Cookie Policy

AdButler has always embraced “Privacy by Design”, and because of this, we have a very small footprint on your users’ browsers. AdButler only has a small number of features that involve cookies to carry out their respective functionalities. These cookies do not store any personal data (including personal IDs) which means that you do not need to collect explicit consent from your users before using these AdButler features.

AdButler GDPR Compliance

AdButler has been incorporating “Privacy by Design” since our inception, which has made our preparation to be GDPR compliant relatively painless. With GDPR having taken effect on May 25, 2018, we want to assure you that we are fully compliant with the regulation.

ICANN Registrant Rights & Responsibilities

As a domain reseller, SparkLIT is bound by a number of obligations under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) between ICANN and its accredited registrars.

SparkLIT Responsible Disclosure Policy

Data security is a top priority for SparkLIT, and SparkLIT believes that working with skilled security researchers can identify weaknesses in any technology. If you believe you’ve found a security vulnerability in SparkLIT’s service, please notify us; we will work with you to resolve the issue promptly.