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Serve direct sale campaigns and header-bidding sources with ease.

News Feed / In-Post Ads

Serve ads in your main post feed with custom intervals or directly in each page or post. We give you full control over where your ads show up on your site.


Using our simple prebid.js adapter, you can customize your WordPress setup to take advantage of programmatic bidding and maximize your revenue.

Two-step setup

Once your AdButler account is created, installing our WordPress plugin takes just two steps. Install and customize, then place your ad widgets wherever you want to serve ads.

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Boost your WordPress ad revenue with promoted content.

1MotorSport has a thriving network of hundreds of racing-related websites, generating over 100M impressions and reaching 18M race fans per year.

After their high-volume news feed was identified as the biggest opportunity to increase ad exposure, AdButler's WordPress plug-in allowed them to quickly boost their overall revenue and click-through rates with sponsored ad content throughout their news feed.

The results have been nothing short of impressive, with an immediate jump in earnings and user engagement.

Outstanding Results

33 % Total revenue increase
3x Increase in CTR

“The AdButler team's speed and efficiency of delivery, testing and implementation was nothing short of phenomenal.“

Clint Doll

CRO, 1Motorsport

Why choose AdButler?

99.999% server uptime

Our clustered hosting strategy gives you some of the fastest response times in the industry with unmatched guaranteed uptime.

Fully scalable platform

From a few thousand to billions of impressions per month, our scaling capabilities can handle even the most demanding setups.

18 years and counting

For nearly two decades, we've helped build custom ad networks around the world. We know what we’re doing, and we’re here to help you do it too.

Anti-fraud commitment

We take every precaution to promote healthy advertising practices and content on our servers with continual malware and anti-fraud scanning.

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