Commitment to Quality and Security

To keep our platform secure, AdButler takes multiple steps toward eliminating the spread of malvertising and harmful advertising practices.

We take every measure at our disposal to make sure you are using the most secure ad server on the market.

Some of our strategies include a combination of filtering known bots/bad actors, detecting click flooding to prevent false clicks being recorded, signing click URLs so that they cannot be manipulated by 3rd parties, preventing "old" or "stale" clicks from being registered, and removing false clicks after they've been recorded.

AdButler Security

Our servers are continually scanned for harmful content.

  • Proprietary methods to detect fraudulent behaviour
  • Anti-virus protection for ads hosted on our CDN

Quick response times to complaints and suspicious activity.

  • Reporting system to help target suspicious activity
  • Blacklist to quarantine suspected sources

Efforts taken to ensure consistent protection from future threats.

  • Active promotion of best practices to all our clients
  • Continual research into new methods of fighting fraud

In addition to our own practices, we ensure that all our clients take necessary measures to keep the AdButler platform safe from negative advertising practices.

Our Certifications:

TAG Certified Against Malware

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Our Promise

We are commited to helping you build the highest level of trust between you and your customers. Get in touch if you have any questions or to discuss how we can help you build the best ad serving platform.